Refurb Works Begun

Along with finishing off final works to the main building; wall tilling, painting, mastic sealing, cleaning etc… I’m delighted to be able to push on with works on the existing buildings, which will really leave the clinic with a succinct and fully operable clinic scheme. Saddock and Dan have been helping with this. On Monday (a national holiday here also) we removed the small partition – revealing our new link door and creating a now fully visable link to the new building. We have started today building a new reception desk in here leading people to the new building. We can then move the existing patients records area, inserted haphazardly into the corner of the waiting area over to hear, making use of a secure room – the previous examination room. At the week-end we will dismount this, opening up this area as was originally planned.

We have also started remodelling the very original clinic building to convert this into the new Lab spaces and new waiting area. Myself, dan and saddock taking our hammers to this yesterday. The existing lab space in the phase 1 building can then operate as either a new Snr Nursing Sister office, or as suggested yesterday, the new HIV testing space


Removing the lightweight partition, added post completion of Phase 1,opening the waiting area up once again to the lovely big windows here. Once the records space is moved, the lovely large windows on this side will also bring further more light into the waiting area


Removing the stud partitions and re-locating doors in the original clinic building, to become the new Lab space. Chance, the Lab technician is certainly looking forward to the upgrade from 1 small room, to 2 larger Lab space, an office and a waiting area!



Saddock swinging his hammer


Dan, cutting the removed panels from the phase 1 building partitions to re-use here


A quick sketch for the clinic to sell them the idea of a new reception desk to make a more welcoming entrance space. there were very much in favour. Mentioning my visits to some of the private clinics which I saw when I first arrived, helped them envisage a more modern ‘Medical Centre’ environment.


The new waiting area to the right and Lab office adjacent.


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