Final Preparations

A round-up of photos from the final 2 weeks leading up to the handover. A final push to finish all the existing clinic refurbishment works and re-organise the clinic spaces in time for the ceremony. We just about managed it in time and in the end it was just great to see the clinic staff moved across into the new building and seeming so delighted with the new spaces and newly arranged existing buildings.


Making a start on the new reception desk, having created the new link door and taken down the existing office wall. It’s great to see the lovely big windows on this side of the building bringing the previously blocked light and views back to life


5 courses up, 4 to go. We set the SSBs on a line of recessed ‘header’ burnt bricks in order to create a nice skirting detail and water-resistant (mop!) base.


January the painter and Saddock smiling as ever whilst getting on with the refurbishment works to the new Lab spaces


Henry helping out with skimming the top of the new reception desk in preparation for the new timber work surface


A few days later I took great pleasure in carrying out the long-awaited work in removing the ridiculously placed previous records area in the corner of the waiting area, which was again covering the 3 lovely big windows.


The new bright and open corner space to form part of the new waiting area now brought back to life.


The brighter new entrance sequence


The new more open and light waiting and reception area


Dan working on the refurbishment work to the new Lab spaces. Creating a new ‘hatch’ between the Lab technicians office and waiting area


Morning light in the waiting area


Finally applying the thick black bitumastic paint to the entire perimeter of the elevated khonde


I couldn’t resist a spot of paint graffiti before completing the bitumastic paint on the south side!


January the painter and his amazing rainbow coloured umbrella


Dan and Saddock finishing off the carpentry to the reception desk. We even included a DDA compliant step down section for children and wheelchair users, and of course a nice recessed shadow gap between the flush SSB brickwork and timber counter top


people starting to drift into the new waiting area and use the new bench. I was delighted to see it!


Morning light in the new waiting area


People enjoying the new courtyard space, now formed by the existing and new buildings


We even managed to remove the project timber workshop/temporary shelter in time for the handover. Dan and Saddock were delighted to be able to take all the re-cycled timber home with them to start making things for themselves


Emily, our cook, preparing a final lunch of chicken and rice – no nsima for this one!


We planted a new tree in the courtyard in front of the new building to replace the one we felled at the start. It’s a Kasha tree, which will grow a lovely big shady canopy and produces a bright yellow leaf which should sit well with the timber on the new clinic


Mr Masosa and Chance the Head clinician and Lab technition helping make the shift into the new building and preparing the buildings for the handover


Two of the clinic nurses helping clean the floor tiles before the ceremony



We managed to carry out a degree of landscaping also around the building, just in time, which has already helped the building sit into its surroundings better.


The completed new reception desk




Lots of activity on the khonde as the clinic move across


A well loaded truck carrying the left over timber back to the carpenters houses for their use.


Lots of activity; cleaning, moving and sweeping, at the front of the building the day before the handover ceremony


Chance enjoying his new office in the separate new Lab building


Two of the nurses settling into the new spaces


Mr Masosa already started seeing patients in his new office before even handing over, i thought this was great!


Preparations for the handover ceremony


A final photo with some of the clinic staff moments before the handover ceremony. I will be sad to say goodbye.


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